Toll Processing

Contract Tolling Services

PROCEDYNE’S PROCESS TECHNOLOGY DIVISION operates four medium- to high-temperature continuous processing lines which can be operated in continuous or batch processing modes, consisting of fluid bed reactors, dryers, coolers, scrubbing towers, afterburners, pumps, and exhausters. These systems are available for the purpose of providing manufacturing services to the chemical processing industries on a contract tolling basis. These processing lines have typical production capacities of 10 kg per hour to 250 kg per hour, depending on the product and/or processing objectives involved.

Operating temperatures from 80°C to 1100°C are routinely handled in various processing scenarios including gas/solids reactions, drying, calcining, reduction, pyrolysis, carbon activation, and catalyst manufacturing. The processing facilities are capable of handling gases and off-gases at elevated temperatures, closed loop recycle, gas filtration to submicron particle removal, or treatment for emission to atmosphere.

These facilities are available on a short run or extended run basis for the purposes of:

  • Producing products for market evaluation or market introduction of a product.
  • Producing products on a long-term basis for companies who outsource product manufacturing because volume is too low and/or in-house processing technology requirements are not justified by the volume to be marketed.
  • Initial processing of a product being commercialized where the capacity need is relatively low volume.
  • Optimizing processing parameters prior to, or simultaneously with, the construction of a larger capacity processing facility.
  • Reclamation of a product that has been contaminated or has an insufficient volume requirement to justify a dedicated facility.