Laboratory Services


Procedyne has an experienced technical staff and the supporting facilities to conduct testing and R&D programs for granular or fine powder products and fluid bed processes including drying; calcinations; activations; reductions, oxidations, and other gas-solids reactions; vapor depositions; heat-treatments; etc.

We have capabilities ranging from product or process conceptualization, all the way through to the design of a commercial-scale system, or the toll processing of demonstration lots for commercialization, or for the actual commercial production of the product.

Our process laboratory is equipped with bench- and pilot-scale fluid bed processors, and the necessary attendant and ancillary equipment and facilities to handle even the most difficult operating conditions, including:

  • Operating temperatures up to 1200°C;
  • Operating pressure up to 100 psig;
  • Capability for handling hazardous solids, liquids and gases, including hydrogen, ammonia, silanes, chlorides, etc.
  • Emissions control devices including filters, cyclones, scrubbers, thermal oxidizers, etc.

A typical development program at our facility will proceed in step-wise fashion, to maximize the chances of success.

  • Initial Fluidization Analysis
  • Bench-Scale Feasibility Testing
  • Pilot-Scale Process and Product Development


  • Free Preliminary Trials for Candidate Materials
  • Qualitative Fluidization Analysis


  • Batch Processing
  • Quantities from 0.5 to 5 Liters per Batch
  • Initial Feasibility Testing
  • Determination of Range of Operating Conditions


  • Batch or Continuous Processes
  • Batch Quantities from 30 to 1200 Liters per Batch
  • Continuous Rates up to nominal 100 kg/hr
  • True Indication of Commercial-Scale Operation
  • Optimizing of Process Conditions
  • Scale-Up Data for Design of Commercial System or Process