About Us

For more than forty-five years, PROCEDYNE has been a leading supplier of specialized thermal processing products, systems and engineering/technical services to heavy industries located throughout the world.

These offerings include fluidized bed reactors, for gas-solids processing, fluidized bed furnaces for heat treating metal parts, fluid bed dryers for drying powders and granules, gas heaters, heat exchangers, and afterburners.

PROCEDYNE is a leading edge technology company that maintains its leadership in the thermal processing fields through its extensive internally-supported R&D program and facilities. PROCEDYNE provides contract development services to its customers in order to assist them in developing new products, materials or processes, resolving difficult product or material processing problems and in developing methods to improve their product’s attributes and/or obtain a lower production cost.

PROCEDYNE has and continues to serve the Petrochemical & Chemical, Plastics, Forest and Wood Products, Minerals, Food Processing, Glass & Ceramics, Textile & Fiber, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Automotive, Environmental, Waste Processing/Recycling industries worldwide.

PROCEDYNE maintains a staff of highly qualified professionals, engineers and technical personnel that have extensive experience in such specialized fields as combustion, conventional & alternate fuels, heat transfer & thermodynamics, material processing, waste utilization and processing, fluid handling, process instrumentation & controls, environmental control and other thermal processing related disciplines. Most of the staff and employees at PROCEDYNE have been with the company for many years thus assuring our existing customers that the longstanding relationship they have established with PROCEDYNE will be maintained. Our new customers will find that PROCEDYNE’S staff brings to them the extensive experience, expertise, dedication and proven track record that can only result from years spent in the chemical and processing industries.

PROCEDYNE manufactures products and systems in its 60,000 square foot facility located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA and at sub-contract manufacturing facilities located worldwide. Product quality is not just a concept at PROCEDYNE; it is a tradition.

PROCEDYNE’S mission is to resolve thermal processing problems for our customers in the most cost effective manner, supply the highest quality products and systems possible, to provide the best technical expertise available anywhere and to insure that our customers achieve maximum benefit from our products and efforts. This can only be accomplished by continuing to seek and utilize innovative technology.